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Quantitative Fit Testing (Train the Fit Tester)

This course provides practical guidance and working practical knowledge of providing Quantitative face fit testing using the TSI Portacount. This includes every make and model of mask from FFP1, FFP2 & FFP3 disposable masks through to semi-disposable and reusable half masks.

Candidates for this course are not expected to have prior knowledge and experience; however, it can be advantageous to have an awareness of HSG53 Respiratory Protective Equipment at Work & INDG479

The subject areas covered are:

  • Regulations and Guidance
  • The Purpose and Applicability of Fit Testing
  • Procedures for Selection of Adequate and Suitable RPE
  • Fit Factors and Protection Factors
  • Examination Procedures for RPE, Identification of Maintenance Problems
  • Correct Donning Procedures and Pre-Use Fit Checks
  • Quantitative Face-Fit Testing
  • Sampling from the Facepiece
  • Diagnostic Checks on Equipment
  • Correct Fit Testing Procedures, Purpose of the Fit Testing Exercises
  • Problem Solving
  • Capabilities and Limitations of the Fit Testing Equipment
  • Interpretation of Results

Candidates who successfully pass a formative practical and examination will be presented with a Certificate

Duration: One Day

Price: £200 + VAT

Maximum delegates:  12 per session

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£200.00 + VAT

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Qualitative Fit Testing (Train the Fit Tester) training course

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