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At G&L, we have built a strong reputation for upholding high standards of work, making us a sought-after choice for companies in need of comprehensive audits. While we currently perform audits on the following activities, we are also open to auditing any project within our expertise:

During these audits, where applicable, we ensure to scrutinise policy documents and removal plans of work, as well as verify that procedures are being carried out as specified. We assess the adherence to the planned site setup and verify the correct usage of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, we meticulously check all documentation, including internal audit records, training records, medical reports, and equipment service reports. As part of the audit process, we witness site working procedures to ensure compliance.

All audits at G&L are conducted by our senior staff members, who provide comprehensive reports that may include photographic evidence when relevant. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver thorough and meticulous auditing services that help companies maintain and improve their operational standards.

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