Asbestos Surveys & TestingAsbestos Sampling

Asbestos sampling surveys are a useful tool for determining whether or not specific materials in your property contain asbestos. If you do not require a full asbestos management, refurbishment , or demolition survey  of the entire property, a one-off asbestos sampling survey could be the perfect solution.

At G&L, we can carry out a site visit and take a sample of one or more suspected materials, which we will then return to our laboratory for bulk sample analysis. Our in-house UKAS accredited asbestos testing laboratory allows us to offer an accurate, cost-effective asbestos sampling service, with a fast turnaround time for samples requiring detailed asbestos identification and analysis. This means that we can quickly advise you whether asbestos is present or not and we can arrange any follow up asbestos removal or repair as required, if an asbestos-containing material is identified.

With our asbestos sampling service, we can help domestic or commercial clients identify asbestos-containing materials without the need for a full survey. As your partner in asbestos management, we provide reliable and professional services with a people-first approach and unwavering commitment to safety.