Asbestos Removal ServicesAbout Asbestos Removal Services

G&L offers an extensive array of asbestos removal solutions, encompassing asbestos removal, waste collection, and repair or encapsulation services. As a part of our comprehensive service, any related asbestos survey report issued by G&L for managed site clients will be updated and reissued following completion of the work.

Asbestos Removals

Working with asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) is a highly regulated industry that requires access to suitably trained, experienced and resourced operatives to carry out the work. G&L has a team of highly trained and experienced operatives who can carry out asbestos removal work.

Asbestos Waste Collection

Asbestos waste must be carefully managed and disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations. G&L can provide a complete asbestos waste collection service, ensuring that waste is safely and legally transported and disposed of in a suitable licensed facility.

Asbestos Repair and Encapsulation

Asbestos-containing materials that are generally in good condition but have small areas which are unsealed or damaged may not require complete removal. In such cases, asbestos repair or encapsulation can be a cost-effective alternative. G&L can carry out encapsulation or enclosing  of damaged materials and a fine clean following accidental disturbance of a material.

At G&L, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive asbestos removal services, providing unmatched expertise, reliability and professionalism every time. With a people-first approach and unwavering commitment to safety, we strive to empower our clients with the knowledge and tools to build safer environments together.

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