Corporate Responsibility

At G&L, social value is an integral part of our ethos and is woven into the fabric of our practices. Despite being one of the largest asbestos consultancies in South West England and Northern Ireland, our roots as a family-run, community-based business remain strong. We’re committed to nurturing and developing our local communities, recognising the invaluable contributions of our employees, suppliers, and the wider community.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated by our ISO 14001 certification. We prioritise sourcing local suppliers whenever possible; for instance, our vehicle servicing, external printing, and company uniform suppliers are all based within a five-minute radius of our offices. This not only supports local employment but also furthers our sustainability goals by reducing our carbon footprint and improving the communities where we operate.

G&L’s commitment to the community extends to education. We’re actively involved in local schools and further education colleges, contributing to career sessions, offering work experience opportunities, and providing volunteer staff for career advice sessions. We collaborate with the colleges, supporting vocational courses, delivering asbestos awareness sessions for courses like plumbing, electrical, and construction—areas where students are likely to encounter asbestos in their practical training.

Mindful of the increasing concern for our environment, G&L has recently partnered with the Woodland Trust on a significant woodland planting project. We sponsored the planting of 1,000 trees, fostering new growth and sustaining woodland near our offices. Our senior management and staff took time out from work to personally plant these trees, leaving a green legacy for the future.

We’re also making strides in reducing our overall carbon footprint by transitioning our company fleet to more sustainable energy sources. We currently have three electric vehicles and plan to increase this number as the technology advances. We’ve installed a 12kv solar panel system at our Northern Ireland office and a 20kv system at our Somerset office.

As a forward-thinking company, we welcome change and are relentless in our drive to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry, all while safeguarding our precious environment.

The forest that G&L built