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We are able to offer a same day ‘Fit and Supply’ service for a selection of industry recommended respirators. Specialist respirators will have to be ordered and supplied separately following the test.

Respirator Face Fit Test

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Bulk sample analysis service agreement

To analyse bulk samples submitted to the laboratory for the presence of asbestos. All samples submitted will be analysed to determine the presence of asbestos and a report produced detailing all fibre types present and the classification of the material. The amount of asbestos present will not be quantified. The costs for analysis are as follows:

Single analysis to determine asbestos content and classification

Per sample
(1 -3 samples)

Per sample
(4+ samples)

Results within 2 – 3 days of receipt of sample

(£30.00 + VAT)

10% discount

Results within 24 hours of receipt of sample

(£40.00 + VAT)

10% discount

Results on same day (while you wait)

(£100.00 + VAT)

10% discount

All prices are subject to the addition of VAT at the 20% rate.

Samples must be safely delivered to the laboratory by hand or by an appropriate courier. Please ensure that sufficient postage is used as incorrect postage will result in analysis delays and / or additional costs.

All samples must be double-bagged and clearly labelled with the purchase reference and sample reference. Your name and address and contact details must also be included with the samples.

Please note: if the samples are delivered out of hours, the time of receipt of sample will be at 0830 the next working day. Same day results cannot be guaranteed on samples that are delivered to the laboratory after 1400. Same day results on large batches of samples must be agreed in advance with the laboratory. If samples are wet when submitted they need to be dried prior to analysis so it may take up to a day longer to receive the results. Same day results cannot be guaranteed on wet samples. G&L Consultancy Ltd will not accept any sample that is deemed to be either unsuitable or unsafe for analysis. Samples must be of at least 1 cm2 (unless otherwise indicated) in size in order to enable accurate analysis and classification of the material type. 

If samples are hand delivered to the laboratory you are required to sign the samples register to confirm the chain of custody. If samples are received by post, the number of samples in the batch will be checked when opened and you will be informed immediately if there are any discrepancies. 

If a large sample is submitted for analysis (greater than approximately 15 cm x 15cm) a supplementary fee of £10 + VAT per sample may be charged for additional sample preparation. Any additional costs incurred for disposal of large samples will be passed on to the client (unless collection of the sample is preferred.)

Each sample submitted is inspected for all possible types of asbestos. We are not permitted to give an estimation of the percentage asbestos content within the material, or any indication of the amount of fibre present. Any sample classifications given are based on observation alone which is outside the scope of our UKAS accreditation.

All samples are kept for a period of six months following analysis prior to disposal at a licensed asbestos disposal site. If you wish the sample to be retained for longer, or returned, we must be contacted within this six-month period.

Water Absorption Test to determine accurate classification of asbestos cement / asbestos insulating board samples requires a sample of at least 9 cm2 and is only available on a 7 day turnaround. Please phone the office in advance to discuss your requirements if you need a water absorption test.

UKAS Impartiality Assessment

In order to ensure G&L Consultancy remain impartial and are able to provide a high quality service to all clients equally, we would must be provided any information regarding any links you may have to G&L which affect our judgement in carrying out work for you.

By accepting this service agreement you are confirming that you do not have any links (personal or professional) to any staff at G&L Consultancy Ltd. If you are aware of any links, please contact the office to discuss your requirements.


By accepting this service agreement you are confirming that you are in agreement with the above TERMS OF BUSINESS.