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Asbestos Management Plans

At G&L, we understand the importance of effective asbestos management. The Asbestos Management Plan is a crucial document that outlines policies, procedures, and organisational structure for effectively managing asbestos-related risks across all sites. It focuses on protecting building users, identifying and managing ACMs, promoting awareness, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. By implementing a robust asbestos management plan, you can mitigate risks and prioritise the safety and well-being of everyone within your premises.

Client Portal

G&L’s asbestos services are all managed through TEAMS, The Electronic Asbestos Management System. The TEAMS client portal offers real-time updates, key information, and secure storage of reports and project details. Experience seamless collaboration and comprehensive asbestos management. Join us in building safer environments with TEAMs. Contact us for access.


G&L is a trusted name in auditing services. With our expertise, we conduct comprehensive audits, including licensed and non-licensed asbestos removal, licensed scaffolding, surveys, certificates of reoccupation, asbestos management plans, HSE asbestos license applications, and personal monitoring data. Our meticulous approach and experienced senior staff guarantee thorough audits that help companies maintain and enhance operational standards.

asbestos Management Plans