So you’ve been responsible and carried out an asbestos survey ahead of your renovation of an old shed or garage. The results are in, and asbestos-containing materials have been detected. Although this may initially be a concern, there’s no need for alarm. Many sheds and garages in the UK and Ireland contain asbestos-containing materials, and its management or removal is entirely feasible when approached correctly. Here are the sensible steps to take to manage or remove the asbestos safely. 

Types of Asbestos: Know What You’re Dealing With

Your survey report will first identify the type of asbestos present. The common types include Chrysotile (white), Amosite (brown), and Crocidolite (blue), along with less prevalent types like Fibrous Anthophyllite, Fibrous Tremolite, and Fibrous Actinolite. Each type has its unique properties and risks, which will inform the following steps. 

Risk Assessment: To Remove or Manage

Management Plan: If You Choose to Leave it In Place

Removal: If You Choose to Take it Out

Post-Removal or Management Steps

Professional Consultation

Continued professional guidance is essential for the proper management or removal of asbestos. Companies like G&L provide comprehensive services for both, in accordance with safety guidelines and legal requirements in the UK and Ireland. 

By adopting an informed and methodical approach, managing or removing asbestos from your shed or garage becomes a straightforward task. Keep these steps in mind to ensure safety for everyone involved. If you’re in the UK or Ireland, G&L offers asbestos surveys and non-licensed asbestos removal services, conducted by trained professionals to provide peace of mind.