Planning a DIY refurbishment or thinking of tearing down an old shed or garage? Among your key considerations should be the materials involved, particularly asbestos. While the word ‘asbestos’ might ring alarm bells, it’s important to know that its presence is completely manageable when approached responsibly. Let’s delve into why an asbestos survey is an essential step, especially when dealing with older structures that might contain different types of this material. 

Different Types of Asbestos You Might Encounter

The various types of asbestos, which may be found in building materials, including sheds and garages, are: 

Where Can Asbestos Be Found in a Garage or Shed?

Prioritise Your Health

Getting an asbestos survey completed helps you identify these materials and provides guidelines on how to deal with them, ensuring you and your family stay safe during the project. 

Meet Legal Requirements

Asbestos management is regulated in the UK and Ireland. A thorough asbestos survey helps you meet legal obligations, avoiding fines and legal hurdles. 

Environmental Considerations

Responsible asbestos management ensures no environmental contamination occurs, and an asbestos survey is the first step in this direction. 

Safety for All Involved

Both DIY enthusiasts and professional workers benefit from the information an asbestos survey provides, ensuring everyone’s safety during the project. 

Peace of Mind

Knowledge is power. Having comprehensive information about the materials in your property provides peace of mind for all involved. 

So, if you’re in the UK or Ireland and planning a refurbishment or considering the removal of a shed or a garage with asbestos in it, an asbestos survey by G&L should be on your to-do list. G&L offers comprehensive asbestos surveys and removal services, adhering to all the relevant safety guidelines and legal requirements. 

For a worry-free renovation or removal, contact G&L for asbestos survey and removal services, available across the UK and Ireland.