Buying a home is an exciting yet complex process, involving numerous considerations from location and price to decor and amenities. However, one critical factor that is often overlooked is the presence of asbestos, particularly in older properties.

So why is an asbestos survey indispensable when you’re on the house hunt? 

Unseen Costs and Health Risks

Buying a home without knowing its asbestos status can result in unexpected financial and health burdens. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can pose long-term health risks, making it crucial to identify them before finalising the purchase. 

G&L asbestos surveying

Bargaining Power

A pre-purchase asbestos survey can offer leverage in negotiations. If asbestos is identified, you have the option to negotiate a lower selling price or request the current owner to safely remove it before the sale goes through. 

Renovation Plans

For those intending to renovate their new home, knowing the asbestos situation is essential. Disturbing ACMs during renovations can inadvertently release harmful fibres into the air, posing a risk to everyone involved. 

G&L asbestos surveying

Asbestos Management Plans

Contrary to popular belief, finding asbestos doesn’t necessarily mean the sale should be a no-go. Many types of asbestos can be managed in place with a proper management plan. This includes regular surveys to check the condition of ACMs, labelling materials clearly, and educating residents about asbestos. This way, the asbestos risk is minimised without the need for immediate removal. 

Legal Compliance and Insurance

Some mortgage providers and insurance companies require an asbestos survey prior to approving loans or coverage, particularly for older properties. Already having an asbestos survey can streamline these administrative processes. 

Final Thoughts

Purchasing an older property without an asbestos survey is a risky proposition, but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker if asbestos is found. Through proper management and by working with reputable companies like G&L, it’s entirely possible to live safely in a home where asbestos is present but properly contained. Whether you’re looking to buy in the UK or Ireland, conducting a thorough asbestos survey is not just a box to tick off—it’s an essential step to ensure that your investment is both safe and sound for the long term. 

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