When homes or buildings suffer damage from unforeseen circumstances like storms, floods, or maintenance works, the last thing on most people’s minds is asbestos. Yet, if your property is older, the presence of asbestos is a real concern that can add complexity to insurance jobs. In this blog, we discuss why professional asbestos management is critical during these repair tasks, why insurance companies insist on using professionals, and how a reputable company like G&L can make a world of difference. 

Risks of Disturbing Asbestos

Be it storm damage, ceiling water leaks, boiler replacements, or the removal of old fascia, construction or repair work can disturb asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Once disturbed, harmful asbestos fibres are released into the air, posing a health risk to anyone in proximity. 

The Need for Surveys

Before any remedial work takes place, it’s crucial to conduct an asbestos survey to assess its presence, condition, and type. A survey ensures that adequate safety measures are built into the repair strategy, averting potential legal implications and, most importantly, health risks. 

Why G&L is the Right Choice

Expertise and Regulatory Compliance

With a team of trained surveyors and removal experts covering both the UK and Ireland, G&L ensures all asbestos is collected and disposed of in line with all regulatory requirements.  

Customised Solutions

G&L provides a bespoke asbestos waste collection service, tailored to meet individual client needs. This ensures safe, efficient, and fully compliant handling of all asbestos materials. 

Peace of Mind

Choosing a reputable company like G&L not only ensures the job is done right but also offers invaluable peace of mind. You can rest easy, knowing your property is in professional hands. 

The Emphasis Insurance Companies Place on Professional Asbestos Management

Insurance companies typically require the use of certified asbestos management professionals for repair and restoration work for two main reasons: 

Post-Repair Asbestos Management

After the completion of repairs, it’s wise to conduct follow-up surveys and air monitoring for added assurance. These measures confirm that the property is now safe and free of asbestos risks, providing peace of mind to both homeowners and insurance providers. 


When insurance jobs involve the disturbance of asbestos, there’s no room for shortcuts. For everyone’s safety and to fulfil both insurance and legal obligations, professional asbestos management is non-negotiable. By opting for a reputable company like G&L, you are taking a responsible step toward ensuring the well-being of all occupants while also meeting all legal and insurance requirements.