In the world of DIY refurbishment, renovation or home improvement, tackling your old shed or garage might be next on your to-do list. However, before you roll up your sleeves and dive in, it’s crucial to consider the presence of asbestos, particularly if you’re dealing with an older structure. But how do you know if your shed or garage could be harbouring this harmful material? Here are some tell-tale signs to watch for, along with advice on when to consider an asbestos survey. 

Age of the Structure

Asbestos was a commonly used material in construction up until its total ban in the UK in 1999 and in Ireland in 2004. If your shed or garage was built or last refurbished before these years, there’s a higher likelihood it could contain fibrous asbestos. 

Material Type

Visual Signs

When Should You Get an Asbestos Survey?

 Final Thoughts

If any of these signs ring true for your shed or garage, or if you’re planning any sort of work on them, it’s a prudent decision to go ahead with an asbestos survey. This becomes especially crucial if you’re in the UK or Ireland, given the prevalent use of asbestos within construction. G&L offers professional asbestos surveys and removal services, so you can proceed with your project safely and in compliance with all regulations.