Respirator face fit testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and safety of workers who rely on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) when working in environments with hazardous substances. At G&L, we understand the significance of protecting employees from harmful substances, and face fit testing is a key element in achieving this goal.

Studies have revealed that exposure to hazardous substances leads to thousands of fatalities and life-altering illnesses each year. To prevent such tragedies, proper selection and use of RPE are essential. Face fit testing ensures that the chosen respirator forms an adequate seal with the wearer’s face, providing effective protection.

Legislation mandates fit testing when a risk assessment identifies the need for tight-fitting respiratory protective equipment, and if individual fit testing hasn’t been previously conducted. Regular retesting is also required in certain circumstances, such as significant weight changes, severe dental treatment, scarring that may affect the seal, a change in the make/model/size of the RPE, or on an annual basis if the RPE is the primary means of exposure control.

At G&L, we offer both quantitative and qualitative face fit testing services. Quantitative testing utilizes the TSI Portacount Plus Respirator Fit Tester, a widely recognised method that measures microscopic particles in the air to determine the effectiveness of the respirator seal. This testing can be conducted for various types of RPE, including disposable respirators, half-masks, full-face respirators, power-assisted respirators, and breathing apparatus.

Alternatively, qualitative testing provides a pass/fail evaluation based on the wearer’s subjective response to a bitter-tasting aerosol called Biterex. This method is suitable for disposable and half-mask respirators.

Ensuring proper face fit testing is crucial for protecting against a wide range of harmful substances, including solid particles like asbestos dust, lead dust, and welding dust; liquid particles such as paints and pesticides; mists like cutting fluids and oil mist; vapours like solvent vapours and mercury vapours; and gases like carbon monoxide and chlorine.

At G&L, we take pride in our experienced fit testers who hold Fit2Fit Accreditation for both quantitative and qualitative fit testing. We offer a range of respirators from various manufacturers, ensuring the best possible fit for each individual. Our dedicated team can conduct face fit testing at our offices in Somerset and Northern Ireland or directly at your workplace, ensuring that your employees receive adequate protection. Trust our people-first approach, unmatched expertise, and reliable service to prioritise the safety of your workforce.